Bespoke Gardens

Landscaping work draws upon specific techniques and has to be organised along professional lines. Also a garden is something that lives and evolves over time, and it is best that it enjoy a proper follow-up over the years ? our technical teams are there to ensure its best development!

  • Quality Undertakings

    All our work is done to the highest professional standards. We are thus since 2003 members of the Union Nationale des Entreprises du Paysage (UNEP), the official body that gathers the professionals of the landscaping trade that strive for the very best possible quality of service.

  • Restoring Your Spaces

    Whatever the spaces that need improving ? small yard, terrace, car park, garden small or large ? we are there to reshape existing spaces for you and turn them into functional and pleasant living spaces! To create new spaces where to live, with the style and the ambience of your very own choosing.

  • Geobiology

    Geobiology involves the close observation in our living spaces of all of the influences upon life of the surrounding environment. There exist numerous disturbing factors and vibratory phenomena that are the cause of malfunctions in plants, animals and people. We can conduct a geobiological survey of your outdoor spaces and identify any harmful spots that should be avoided, and put forward appropriate solutions.

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    Les Jardins de Glanum can carry out any earth-shifting work and plot remodelling, add rocks and build alleys and any access paths or tracks. Our expertise also extends to the building of septic tanks and the installation of facilities (water, power, gas, telephone).

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  • Landscape Masonry

    You can rely on our specialised landscaping masons for the construction of walls, dry-stone walls, stone borders, paving, stairs, etc. For larger work such as pools and pool houses, slabs or the restoration of former farmhouses, we call upon qualified partners.

  • Terraces

    We can design and build wood terraces (with invisible fastening), but also cabins, garden sheds, car sheds. Our landscape architect is there to find the solution to any problems in the optimisation of space and the choice of materials and of plants.

  • Plants and Plantation

    Do come to visit our showroom and our nursery. You will find there mainly Mediterranean plants, as the range of plants we use is naturally suited to the climate and to the soils of our region. We specialise in the transplanting of large stock (olive or plane trees, pines, holm oaks), ensuring their good development after transplantation.

  • Grassing, Turfing, Flower Meadows

    We lay out all types of meadows and lawns, sowing flower meadows, sowing lawns, laying turf or synthetic lawns, answering all needs and tastes. Our turf lawn is grown on an earth substrate, giving it improved resis-tance to uprooting.

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  • Automatic Watering & Pumping

    Our team of specialists will take care of installing integrated watering systems, from design to putting into ser-vice, implementing drip irrigation or sprinklers and taking care of the programming and maintenance of the system. We can also design and build pumping stations.

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  • Ponds, Basins & Fountains

    Water being both an important feature in a garden and rare in the Mediterranean regions, fountains or ponds can be an interesting addition to your project ? just imagine the restful murmuring of falling water in a quiet cor-ner of your garden!

  • Lighting

    Another worthwhile addition to a garden is low-tension lighting to sublimate the most striking features of your landscaped garden, or interactive lighting to accompany night strolls in your garden and discover it under another angle. For more complex lighting projects we draw upon specialist partners for the design of the installation (supply network, density and colour of the lighting, etc.).

  • Ironwork

    Ironwork such as glass walls, glass roofs, arbours or gates add variety to the materials used in your garden and give it a more refined touch. Les Jardins de Glanum offer you through their trusted partners a range of products that can be tailored to your needs and that combine comfort, safety and attractiveness.

  • Decorative Elements

    How better to give your garden a finishing touch than with a fine sculpture or other work of art that will structure and enliven your garden's strategic spots? We can make suggestions in this field and generally fashion your garden's ambience by playing on differences in materials, colours, sizes and textures.

  • Maintenance Service

    Looking after a garden can take an awful lot of time and require special equipment. Our company can provide garden maintenance services. Do ask for an estimate for occasional or yearly maintenance work ? why not enjoy a perfect garden in perfect freedom of mind?
    For private persons who pay their taxes in France, work by the Les Jardins de Glanum Services company carries 50% tax deduction, up to €5,000 including tax per year per household, for any mowing, scarifying...

  • Pruning, Felling, Clearing

    It is during the winter season that trees should be pruned, allowing it to remove any risks and to give them the best shape to suit their environment.
    Clearing and felling work can take place at any time of the year. Also you can count on our responsiveness, which allows us to operate even in cases of emergency.

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