Reflection Prior to Action

You find it difficult to imagine what a bare plot could become, or to how to improve your existing garden? Our design department is there to help you along, thus nurturing each project with redoubled attention. Do call upon the services of our landscape architect right from the start of your construction or renovation project for your home or your garden! He will also work together with the architect for your house, or with your decorator, allowing the work to be optimised and limiting costs.
Our know-how is there to make what you wish come true, to imagine your new environment so that it will be both harmonious and functional. A well thought-out project ensures added value to your outdoor spaces!

Landscape design surveys

Doing a landscape design survey means combining all technical, climate, environment and ecological data concerning the site, among others, to obtain a perfect knowledge of the site. Adding your functional requirements and your artistic wishes allows drawing up your landscaping project. The survey is carried out by our own design department and its landscape architect, who is expert at marrying art and technique. The landscaping project is illustrated in particular by realistic hand-drawn graphics.

  • Design of a Zen garden for a detached house - Drôme
  • Design of a stone and garrigue garden - Bouches-du-Rhône
  • Design of a restaurant terrace in a glamorous environment - Bouches-du-Rhône
  • Design of a refined garden in the city of Nîmes - Gard
  • Design of a small ultracontemporary garden in Paris

The Landscaping Project

Your landscaping architect stands by your side to guide you in your choices so as to obtain a layout that meets your requirements while fitting into the surrounding environment. The ideas he puts forward are translated into detailed plans and 3D perspectives, allowing you to get a precise idea of your future living environment.

Stage 1 :

We meet you on the spot to understand how you live and what your wishes are. We naturally have a close look at your site and, if you do not have a plan of it, survey the space to be laid out. This first consultation is free and with no obligation.

Stage 2 :

After this first meeting we submit to you a design estimate. Our design work is priced according to the surface to be landscaped, but mostly according to the complexity of the intended work.

Stage 3 :

Once you have endorsed this estimate, we consider the future layout of your plot in view of its plan and of the notes taken on the spot, trying to find the structure that will best suit the site. Once those choices are made we draw plans and perspectives of the project to present to you.

Stage 4 :

The presentation of the project is organised in our premises. This naturally gives rise to a dialogue about the project and any changes are discussed. A preliminary cost estimate is also made.

Stage 5 :

Once the landscaping project has been approved, a detailed estimate is drawn up. Once accepted the work can start.